Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A sparkly day!

I'm back!!!!!!!.....Meaning that I finally had a good the 37 degree drizzle! The best part~My sparkly headband and I ran a nice little 5k loop in 25:51 this morning~ Yes, that would be a 8:19 pace~ the pace I like to train at!  And I added another mile to it making it a nice even 4 miles.

My new favorite outfit- Lulu Run tech top and my sparkle headband!
I had bought the technical top a few months ago, but being sidelined from running I had no use to wear it- This is my second run in it and I love it!! Perfect for 37 degrees and rain. One of the best parts:

Nice little thumb holes to keep those hands warm. (This wont be warm enough for my paws once the snow hits but for now it's perfect!) If you don't own any Lululemon- BUY SOME...I used to think it was insanely priced but this fabric is 100% worth it.
Another cute part of this shirt:
Around the inside of the waistline is the saying: " I am a runner because I run. Set your goals. Life is too short for the treadmill, get out and run! Do it now."

Agreed. Life is way too short for the treadmill!!!!

I have gotten several compliments on my sparkle headband. Love this thing~ it does not slip at all and was created by a triathlete. Gives a nice extra "pop" to your outfit and keeps your hair out of your face.

After my run today I went to yoga at my gym...such a treat to be able to go to Karyn's power vinyasa class since I am on vacation!!!!! Sparkle headband attended as well.

Speaking of sparkles...another sparkly part of my day was lunch at the best sushi place in town~ SHIKI!! I hadn't been there in awhile and everything was fabulous as usual. You know it's a good sushi place when all the Asians in town are eating there. Love that it is not mainstream.
My favorite thing to order: Spicy shrimp roll- no other sushi place has perfected the mayo based spiciness like they have (and I have eaten at Nobu and several other "decent" sushi places).

And to top of my day I spent the afternoon making a dent in my xmas shopping.
I love candles and think they make a great "generic" gift...but really $20 for these things!!!???
You can't really tell by the picture but they actually aren't big at all.. Yeah, I could easily go to many other stores and pay half of that...Great smell but I refuse to drop $20 on a small candle!
I spent my $20 in much better ways buying several gifts for people-yay for a dent in the xmas shopping!!!
Hope everyone had a sparkly day!!

Do you wear Lululemon?

Favorite type of sushi??

Xmas shopping started?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Run and NYC half

Day 1 of vacation: ahhh sleeping in!! I never ever sleep in anymore- but after a busy weekend it was much needed.
I decided to take a run around noon, when the rain finally stopped ( not that rain has stood in my way before but I was feeling lazy). I took a slow 4 mile run through my neighborhood- was feeling kind of drained probably because 1.) I did Bikram yoga last night and then refueled with wine, diet coke and only one full glass of water and half a powerade. 2.) I didn't have any breakfast before my run... Pretty much 2 no no's! Yeah, that was pretty dumb on my part.
When I checked my Garmin and saw I ran at a 9:01 pace I was like hmmm...maybe more hydration next time!!
By the time I got back from my run I was starving and had one of my favorite staples for my late brunch:

YUM! Cant go wrong with Oatmeal- especially when it is topped with brown sugar!

Besides a bunch of errands I also knocked off another important "to Do" off my list- Applying for the 2012 NYC half marathon. I thought I had remembered NY Road Runners saying something last year about guaranteed entry in 2012 with a course that could accommodate more runners...maybe I dreamed that up. So I spent $5 towards a processing fee of possibly being chosen through the which point my credit card gets charged $128.
I completely understand the need to put a cap on races- I have run races that I have felt were unsafe due to the amount of runners and lack of organization and supplies, and nature of the course. So, I get it....just really hoping to get in!! Although, if I had run just a little faster my last half I could have gotten guaranteed entry based on time....time for a new goal!!!

What do you think? Are the fees ($128 plus $5 application) "fair" for a half marathon? What do you think of the cap of 10,000 runners?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Longer RUN

Yesterday I ran at Mendon Ponds....drumroll....8 glorious miles!! The most my foot has tolerated since the marathon. It was a beautiful morning (26 degrees!) at the start of the run, but slowly the sun came up and I couldn't imagine being anywhere but running in this beautiful park.

I feel so alive- more than I have in a long time~ and I swear it is because I can RUN again. Being sidelined sure makes you grateful for the ability to run.

I must admit~ I was very nervous as to what today might bring in terms of pain in my foot...But I woke up feeling great- So good that I jumped out of bed and put my running clothes on. However, as I was walking around my bedroom I felt the smallest twinge in my ankle and decided that I better take my running clothes back off and play it safe....It was definitely hard for me to remove my garmin from my wrist before I even had left my bedroom..BUT no more sidelines- I will not overtrain.

Later this afternoon I went to Bikram Yoga- great class- 90 minutes of sweat beads stinging my eyeballs- loving every minute!