Monday, December 5, 2011

Run and NYC half

Day 1 of vacation: ahhh sleeping in!! I never ever sleep in anymore- but after a busy weekend it was much needed.
I decided to take a run around noon, when the rain finally stopped ( not that rain has stood in my way before but I was feeling lazy). I took a slow 4 mile run through my neighborhood- was feeling kind of drained probably because 1.) I did Bikram yoga last night and then refueled with wine, diet coke and only one full glass of water and half a powerade. 2.) I didn't have any breakfast before my run... Pretty much 2 no no's! Yeah, that was pretty dumb on my part.
When I checked my Garmin and saw I ran at a 9:01 pace I was like hmmm...maybe more hydration next time!!
By the time I got back from my run I was starving and had one of my favorite staples for my late brunch:

YUM! Cant go wrong with Oatmeal- especially when it is topped with brown sugar!

Besides a bunch of errands I also knocked off another important "to Do" off my list- Applying for the 2012 NYC half marathon. I thought I had remembered NY Road Runners saying something last year about guaranteed entry in 2012 with a course that could accommodate more runners...maybe I dreamed that up. So I spent $5 towards a processing fee of possibly being chosen through the which point my credit card gets charged $128.
I completely understand the need to put a cap on races- I have run races that I have felt were unsafe due to the amount of runners and lack of organization and supplies, and nature of the course. So, I get it....just really hoping to get in!! Although, if I had run just a little faster my last half I could have gotten guaranteed entry based on time....time for a new goal!!!

What do you think? Are the fees ($128 plus $5 application) "fair" for a half marathon? What do you think of the cap of 10,000 runners?

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  1. Wow $133 to run 13.1 miles is crazy. That s more than 10 dollars per mile!

    I guess you are paying for the name "NYC half"