Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Placid Training Weekend 1

Lake Placid. The iconic town of the Olympic Games. The site of one of the most challenging IronMan courses. The site of where I will be competing in my first full IronMan.

Training weekend Number 1: The Weekend of FIRSTS

Saturday AM:
7amish: Mirror Lake
Full wet suit on and go to put on my swim cap- Rips open- FIRST time this has ever happened. Alex gives me his swim cap- we get into Mirror Lake where I immediately scream because the lake is so cold. I start hyperventilating in the water. FIRST time this has ever happened. We start swimming and I can not breathe. FIRST time I have ever felt like this. We swim only about 200 yards or so where I have to turn around because I am in full panic mode, not breathing correctly, convinced we may drown as it is foggy and cloudy out with no one in a kayak nearby.
We get out of lake and I can not stop shivering.

Transition at Alex's car:
I strip from my wet suit, take my bathing suit off and change into my bike gear. Still shivering when we leave his car and take off for our first loop around Lake Placid.

Bike- Loop 1:
It is drizzling out and I am freezing the first few miles. Then we start climbing- not a bad climb just a slow longish climb- the roads are awful- potholes everywhere forcing me to stay off the shoulder.
We reach the top of the Descent into Keene- terrifying- braking the entire way down into Keene- convinced that a car is going to hit me.
We reach Keene and there is a super cute little ADK cafe and shop. Turn left onto 9N? I cant remember the road- this is a great part of the course! Flater and pretty- on the way to Jay. My cadence was probably way to high here.
Around Jay we stop at a rest stop- I unclip and walk through the MUDDY grass to pee- Yup didnt realize at the moment but was completely messing up my cleats. Opps.
Jay to Wilmington- slow climb- biked it a little on the fast side. Opps
Whiteface to Placid- It starts drizzling at Whiteface, the headwind picks up and it is a slow climb- I took it too fast on the first loop. Mama and Papa Bear- not to worry- they seemed really easy to me after some of the climbing I had done before around Canadaigua.

Back at the car: Bananas GU, gas station stop, Ritz crackers with peanut butter
That loop didnt seem too bad.....Except I was about to die on the second loop.

Bike Loop 2:
Start off on the slow smaller climb and I realize my quads are starting to scream. Ouch. Fatigue. Did I mention that I really wasnt drinking too much??? Ouch.
Descent into Keene- it is now raining with a lot more traffic. I am absolutely terrified of the traffic. I brake the entire way down- and realize that I can't clip out- another FIRST- stupid mud.
I lose Alex at this point.
I reach Keene- recognize Tara's car and stop to lean against it as this is the only way I can unclip- I pour water from my water bottle over my cleats and pedals in an attempt to clean- doesnt really work.
Flat area to Jay- easy but quads still burn. I am tired. It is gray out. My training partner is no where to be found. I am mad now.
Absolutely destroyed by the time I reach Wilmington. I cry the entire way from Whiteface to Placid off and on. It is drizzling when I am near Whiteface. I am alone. And I hurt- the entire left side of my body- I can not even unclip to rest. At one point I lean against a guardrail next to the river near Wilmington Notch.
And finally head back to Placid. I could not tell you when I took a gel those last 20 miles. I did not have good nutrition at all.
I reached Alex's car- and literally leaned into him on my bike as I could not even unclip due to mud in my cleats... And I cried. I told him I didnt have this in me. I could not even imagine running one mile at this time.

Lessons Learned:

1. Proper Nutrition: Set Garmin to alarm every 10 min to take water/perform
2.Gel every 40 min, bring fig newtons with me- Buy eGels ( more calories)
3. take the first loop easy
4. Stop with the high cadence on the flatter areas
5. Do not brake on the descents- use to your advantage
6. Do not unclip in mud, gravel or anything that can remotely effect pedals
7: take flat tire class- If I get a flat I need to change it incredibly fast
8. Buy Gator tires
9. Use Chamois butter and body glide ( never have really needed in running but def need now)

Training Day 2: Lake Placid Half Marathon 2:02
My slowest half marathon (not counting musselman)
But Felt GREAT!!
I Stayed slow at the beginning and forced myself to run slow as I did not know how I would feel after biking 85 miles the day before. It was hard to slow it down. But I did. I ran 9:14- 9:42 the entire first 9 miles. I felt so good at mile 9 I started to pick it up. And the final 3 miles I passed half the field- running closer to 8 minute pace. Redeemed myself and played it safe. I was happy.

So the next 48 days.. I will be doing hill repeats, popping tires so I can change them quickly, foam rolling my quads like it is my job, eat clean, make a chart for when to gel on course and tape on bike, buy eGels and use them, and bike, bike bike- mostly hills.
So in 2 weeks when I go back to tackle the full 112 miles...I will be a stronger athlete- mentally and physically.

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