Monday, October 17, 2011

pool day 10

Today was day 10 of swimming.
Really. wish. I. could. RUN.
Don't get me wrong, there are definitely days that I enjoy the pool, especially in the morning when it is peaceful and dark out still. But, I really need a run. And I CANT. My foot/ankle still hurts- worse in the nighttime after being on my feet all day....I am terrified this is a stress fracture... there really aren't any signs of a sprained ankle. No swelling and no bruising.
Life has been complicated this past week...and nothing cures that like a good run. I could be miserable and go for a run and everything is automatically better. I miss pounding the pavement, running through the wooded area, hills, breathing the fresh air in and listening to my techo/hip hop/top40/old school music. There is nothing like it. Tomorrow I will go to the sports clinic if I still don't feel better. Who am I kidding.? This isn't going to be magically better tomorrow. I am very grateful that I am healthy- I know it could be way's just I already spent half of this year recovering from an injury- I can't possibly have another injury.

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