Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, again I am being taught the lesson of patience. Since I took a few days off of running after Wineglass I decided I would go into FleetFeet and ended up leaving with an awesomely light pair of Pure Flow Brooks minimalist shoes....and silly me- pushed the limits too soon after wineglass and ended up rolling my ankle Friday in my new shoes. SO it has been nothing but the pool, ice, ibuprofen, and elevation for my poor ankle. Swimming is definitely a good workout, but an hour of swimming laps seems like ten hours compared to an hour of running. Slowly my ankle is getting better but its driving me crazy not running- but THIS time- no pushing it- I am not putting a single mile in until it is better.
On the positive side, I do have to say that it is incredibly relaxing to get in the pool in the AM before the sun rises and before the gym gets crazy. And it is probably a great thing for my body to be cross training- I am sure my IT band agrees.

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