Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yoga RAVE!

Sunday marked the first time ever that Rochester has had.......a Yoga Rave!!

Harro East Ballroom- Rochester, NY 3.25.12

What you ask is a yoga rave?
Well my friends it is a combination of power vinyasa, dancing and savasana.
Put on thanks to Lululemon and my gym.

What a great time!!!
The doors opened at 6:30pm and from this point until 7:15 LuLulemon had provided body paint, glow sticks, blinking rings and lights to attach to your clothing.

BODY paint!!!! SO fun!

Julie and I decorated our arms and faces with paint before settling down on our mats and figuring out which limb to display our glow sticks on.
Hearts on my face!!!

Julie and I getting ready on our mats

The power vinyasa started around 7:15 and went until about 8:45. So incredible to be in a dark room, techno music blaring, doing yoga with glow sticks lighting up the ball room.

The instructors soothing voices came in over the techno music, creating a nice balance as we moved through the class. While I caught myself taking in the scenery a few times, rather than focusing on my practice, I still reaped huge benefits. Not only was this class fun and playful, but also physically challenging!!! (my arms are still sore 2 days later).

Next it was Dance party USA!!! For about 30 minutes it was mostly dancing,and big circles of love as we all gathered around and held hands while balancing on one leg. We even had a few "yoga trains" around the room. Wedding reception meets techno club while at the gym style!

What a great vibe in the entire room!! Everyone was happy, dancing around carefree. And those who aren't fabulous dancers (ME) could have the option to spike a florescent ball in the air through the crowd.  Or...You could practice your awesome yoga moves:

The night ended with an extra long savasana...What a great night!!!

What's your favorite type of yoga?

Ever been to a yoga rave?

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