Saturday, March 31, 2012

Double workouts and 18 miles

So, I finally decided it was time to get serious with this Half Ironman training plan (in the midst of training for a marathon).
Wednesday my plan called for a double workout (am and pm) so I started off the morning like I normally do on Wednesdays- 530 am swim. I swam 1200 yards and then did a bit of pool running. After work I ran 5 easy miles and felt great! I could have kept going but the "injury free" Laura said time to stop.

After a nice workout I decided it was time for one of my favorite protein packed meals:
Baked Chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese- super healthy! 
Check out the recipe here

And, because I am trying to be healthy....a side of roasted brussels sprouts. 

Today, I ran 18 miles at Mendon Ponds with the group- Great run.

Reasons why I rocked this run:

1.) I stuffed my face with Mexican food last night at this restaurant
Picture about 7 baskets of chips (for 5 people) and sides of guacamole. Best guacamole in Rochester hands down. I pretty much would have been satisfied with guacamole alone but ordered chicken fajitas as well. When I woke up this morning I was still full and tasting Mexican.    

2.) After the NYC half marathon I decided to utilize gels more.
 I have always been a fan of PowerBar gels- usually only the vanilla flavor. However, today I decided to use the chocolate with caffeine- soooo good and I was so full of energy I could have done 20 miles today!

3.) Cross training. 
This week I did power vinyasa, extreme boot camp, swam and ran. Nice little mix to keep the hip flexor, piriformis, and IT band happy.

4.) My minimalist shoes. (8.5 oz)

Adidas Boston 2
(sad that the Boston 3 is out...its slightly narrower)

Now, I am camped out in my compression socks in recovery mode. Ah, perfect Saturday!

What do you do to make long runs go well? Nutrition? 

Best kind of compression socks??
I use Zensah. 

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