Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blogging....for real!

I promise I am going to be better about posting!
On quick lunch break so I figured I would try to fix up this blog a bit.

First, Scared to say this: ART has helped me overcome a minor setback....silly hip flexor, piriformis and IT band. While my doctor wouldn't let me run the full marathon, I was able to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. ( Pics to come)
I decided that I would just have fun with trying to beat my PR...just relax, have fun, keep myself injury free and....walk if need be. Of course the weather helped me achieve that goal as it was super HOT the day of the half...I walked twice for the first time ever in a half marathon and took in the sights- the volunteers, the awesome signs, the spectators, and the sights of Pittsburgh. Finished in 1:52..definitely not my fastest 1/2 marathon..but I will take it with battling injury and the sun beating down on me.

Best sign ever: You have trained longer for this than Kim Kardashian was married!

Haha I was dying when I saw that sign- burst out laughing in the middle of the course. And that, my friends, is what running is about- having fun!

Pics to come!!!

Happy Thursday!

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