Thursday, April 5, 2012

beautiful run

Happy Thursday!!!

It has been a great training week. Every day I meant to meet my new goal of blogging more often but unfortunately that has not happened! Ah steps.

Baby steps. Anyone ever see the movie "What about Bob?" Great movie. Baby steps.

Back to the training week:
Saturday: 18 mile run
Sunday: 15 min Elliptical, 1hr 15 min hot power vinyasa
Monday: 30 min swimming laps- 10 min transition to hour spin class (24 miles)
Tuesday: MXT (Midtown Extreme Training- extreme bootcamp) before work, 4.3 miles after work
Wednesday: 30 min swim
Thursday: 4 mile run

Backing off on the running mileage this week to stay healthy and injury free. I have found that cross training has helped me knock off some PR's even without high mileage.

While I really enjoy the cross training, also enjoyed a beautiful run part through the city and part through the park.
View from my run tonight

Other fun things this week:
- Read a really great book- completely not related to work or training- "The Bungalow" A novel about a nurse who falls in love during World War II while engaged to someone else.
-Didn't end up working too many crazy hours
- I heard from a patients family from several years ago
-Swam outdoors for the first time this season

Do you find cross training makes you a stronger runner?
Ever done a triathlon?

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  1. Are you going to be at MXT tomorrow?