Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYC half and headlamp love

I have been so bad about posting!!!
My goal is to start blogging regularly, and now that the holidays are over I have no excuses!

Biggest news of late: I got into the NYC half!!!! wooohooo! My friend Allison, who lives in NYC, and I are going to rock this race- so excited that we BOTH got in!! And it is on St Patricks day- green team sparkle skirt all the way!!!!  I have a secret goal for this race....but I am afraid to say it.... MY PR is currently 1:45 coming off an injury...

The race is 10 weeks away so my plan is:
~gradually increase mileage (to avoid injury)
~hill workouts
~speed work
~yoga at least once a week (to avoid injury)
~MXT (bootcamp) at least once a week (to avoid injury)

Runners so often forget how important strength training is (including me) and one of my 2012 goals is to AVOID INJURY!

Fast Abs

Forget crunches. If you want to get faster, fitter, and stronger, you need to train your core like a runner. By Alyssa Shaffer

Image by Sarah A. FriedmanFrom the February 2009 issue of Runner's World 

Tonight, I had a great workout- Sorry Treadmill, the headlamp won!!!! (actually I am not sorry). Great  5 mile trail run/hill run/road run- nothing like mixing it up and the headlamp works great in the dark woods! I usually stick to the light on the sidewalks when running at night, but now that I have found my headlamp I definitely plan to continue trails and road running with the safety of knowing that everyone can see me and my fantastically bright light.

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