Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Beginnings

Well...As you can see I have not been very good with my New Year's Resolution of writing in this blog! But..It is never to late to start! So here is to new beginnings!

My training has been going so well...until this week where I noticed that my hip flexor and pyraformis were getting tight. Now, the old Laura would have pushed through the pain. 2012 Laura decided the 14 mile long run...probably should be cut short. After 10 glorious miles in Mendon Ponds park I decided to stop yesterday...I felt pretty good and wanted to press forward but could feel my hip and glut tightening up. So 2012 Laura stopped.

10 miles. Not too bad.
The Beach Parking Lot~ Mendon Ponds

 At. Least. I. Am. Running!

Felt great all day on Saturday, went shopping with a friend and then out for girls night- I had been dreaming of guacamole all day long....

And I promptly stuffed my face as soon as we arrived at the restaurant! Yum. We went to this restaurant which has the most amazing guacamole in this city...I think maybe only beat by a restaurant I went to in NYC.

Fabulous night with good friends...

And then the morning.....
I woke up with hip flexor and pyraformis pain...pain I haven't felt in months. I have been so good with keeping my mileage low and stretching...And haven't needed ART since September. Unfortunately, part of it I think is out of my control (my legs are 2 different lengths- very slightly so but enough to impact a marathoner) and the other part is...I did not take a rest day last week.

I laid in bed this morning feeling defeated. I knew I should have taken a rest day, but honestly I have kept my mileage very very low. I took the dog out, fed her, and then climbed BACK into bed, covers over head. I wanted to just swallow myself up in my down comforter.

Then, I decided feeling defeated would get me....absolutely no where!

So, I got myself out of bed, threw on my yoga clothes and went to heated power vin. Just what I needed. The sunday yoga instructor is Amazing- not just in the sense that you leave class drenched in sweat, but also she is quite possibly the most motivational person I have met. (other than my grandmother).

She started out class with telling us "Youth is not a number". "Children do not let the weight of the world wear them down. So today, play on your mat a little. Don't take yourself so seriously. Just play".

Great start! Yes, I have goals. Yes, I oh so much want to run a sub 1:37 NYC half. But, also Laura, yes just play and don't worry about your hip, your IT band or anything other than having fun on your mat. So, I did.

I still feel the ache in my pyraformis. But I know what to do. I will not over train. I will ice. I will take ibuprofen. I will foam roll. And I will stretch every single day. And if it is still there tomorrow, I will not be defeated. 
From pintrest.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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