Thursday, November 24, 2011

MRI and Turkey Trot

Quick update: My MRI results are in! - No fracture and all ligaments intact....however, I do have a plantar ganglion cyst (probably a complication of a sprain). Now the pain makes sense. I am still reading up on what a ganglion cyst is - so if anyone knows anything about them please let me know!!!

In other news...Since the MRI showed no fracture or torn tendons...I RAN the Turkey Trot!!

 First time running in over a month...boy, was I sucking wind. Swimming does not = running. Also, staying out until 3am the night before does not help! ha. I played it safe and ran slowly...embarrassed to say that my 5K split time was 25:11....BUT I am learning not too push myself too hard and cause more problems! And honestly I was just thankful  to be able to be running at all.

4.1 Mile Turkey Trot: 33:57  Definitely not a PR but happy to be back out there on a beautiful day running!!!!

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