Sunday, November 6, 2011

Officially in love

So it has been really hard for me (especially on these beautiful fall days) not to run...I know that I can't because I have pain at rest, but it still doesn't make it easier. Yesterday, my awesome mom ran a 5k race- She did great and I was so happy to be there and support her...but it was hard to watch a race and not be running it. I did volunteer to help at the finish line so that was kinda cool to see the fast runners come in.
My mom did great- PR'd actually- 33:39- for 61 years old that is pretty awesome!

While I haven't been able to run my swimming skills have definitely improved and left me with more upper body strength than I have had in a long time. I have grown to enjoy swimming, however, being in a pool for long amounts of time is sooo boring. Meet my newest toy:
Waterproof headphones for my iShuffle!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
It definitely was a great day in the pool! Beautiful outdoors (sunny in the 30's but water was 80 degrees) AND I was able to ROCK out to my running music while swimming laps- Made the time fly by and all of a sudden I looked at my watch and had swam for 90 minutes. Swimming still doesn't feel like "real cardio" to me, but I am hoping by the time I am able to run again I won't have lost all my endurance. It's also hard for me to kick with my left foot so I pretty much let it drag in the water- definitely could be swimming harder if I was kicking harder!

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