Thursday, November 3, 2011

Orthopedic Doc and ? fracture

So last Friday I met with the Orthopedic doc- he assured me that I did not have a fracture- rather my ankle is weak, possible strain/sprain, I need PT and an orthotic. Oh and it was fine to run 2 miles...I said "Really?!! I can't even walk around the hospital at work without pain. I can run???" He assured me I could but to go slow. Kinda sounded like BS to me. So of course, I decided I would run the next morning. I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I laid out all my running gear for the next morning. New long sleeve technical shirt from the marathon, new lulu shorts, and new compression socks.

It was cold out so compression socks were perfect choice and I figured the compression would be good for ankle.

That morning I ran 3 miles- so Ok I ran one more than the doc said I could but I actually felt okay during the run. When I finished I could feel my ankle, but not too bad. He also had told me I could spin- So, I went to one of my favorite spinning classes- started to feel the ankle more when I got off the bike. Went for a nice 20 min swim- felt good to be in the pool. However, the next few days my ankle HATED me. I went to physical therapy on Tuesday AM, worked with a really intelligent athletic trainer and finally felt like things were going in the right direction (she said no spin and no running- but I had to agree with her).

When I went back to see her today she told me something I wasn't ready for- She mentioned that she had reviewed my XRAY herself and was concerned for a fracture or floating bone. She brought it up to the Doc, but apparently he thinks I just need PT and an orthotic and its not a fracture (even though the radiologist noted that fracture couldn't be ruled out). So I am frustrated right now. If this doesn't get better in a week I am demanding an MRI.

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